XILCO® : Low-voltage connector

When its comes to connecting up auxiliary equipment to electrical switchboards with pull-out drawers, current requirements often cannot be met. Some materials can actually cause failure in the switchboards as the drawers fail to line up properly due to production tolerances. The only solution then is to fit additional realignment mechanisms. Also, most currently available connectors do not offer the versatility needed for the contact stroke or the number of poles to be fitted and so problems are likely to crop up for certain specific assemblies. This is why the FELS design team has developed XILCO®, a low-voltage connector with sliding contact that meets the precise requirements of end-users.

This product offers considerable advantages :

  • Bipolar casing design (modularity)
  • Large number of contact points (reliability)
  • Up to 35 mm contact stroke (flexibility)
  • Pull out drawers misalignment tolerance of +/- 3 mm (reliability)
  • Reduced bulk
  • Competitively priced

The versatility of the XILCO® design means just a simple adaptation is all that is needed for any kind of assembly with pull-out drawer.

  • 3 contact strokes available : 12, 20 and 35 mm
  • Reduced bulk 8 x 31 mm
  • Connection by flexible cable
  • Service voltage up to 500 V AC
  • Nominal intensity 12 A
  • Clips on to partition
  • Positioning accessory





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